On the farm

The farm is located in the centre of the village of Kelbrook and comprises 85 acres – home to pigs, chickens, sheep and cattle.

Guests are welcome to come and pet our friendly farm animals and collect fresh eggs for breakfast.

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The history of Brook Farm

Brook Farm dates back to the 17th Century and has been run by the Wilson family since the 1920s.

In 2007 the Wilsons decided to diversify to secure the future of the farm and opened Brook Farm Children’s Nursery – now a thriving business.

Croft House Barn, built in 1779, is situated across the lane from the farmhouse and accessed by a footbridge over Kelbrook Beck.

sheep dipIt became more commonly known as “Red Barn” in recent years after the barn doors were painted red, and before becoming a holiday barn had been used for calving cows, lambing sheep and storing hay. There was a sheep dip outside, close to the back door! Richard and his late father John are pictured (left) giving their livestock a good soaking, in the days when Richard had slightly more hair!

Guests at the holiday barn will be upgraded to a proper hot tub, roughly in the same place.

In spring 2016 Richard decided to apply for planning permission to convert the barn as it was in danger of complete collapse, and renovation work started in summer 2017.

The Wilson family outside the farmhouse in Kelbrook.
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Richard’s son, Jack, gets more than just a cuddle!
Haymaking at Brook Farm
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